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Adaptive surfing

Here at Big Blue we offer specialised adaptive surf sessions for people who are neurodiverse, who have physical disabilities and mental health conditions. With ISA qualified adaptive instructors we aim to provide accessibile surfing eperiences for everyone.

Everyone should be able to surf, so we try to make that happen! We have helped numerous people over the years enjoy the waves in a fun and safe environment.

Depending on needs and abilities, we can offer anything from a ‘learn to surf’ session, to tandem wave riding. 

We have experience of working with children and adults with a number of conditions and disabilities, including, but not limited to: autism, Down’s syndrome, physical disabilities, speech, sight and hearing impairments.

We have boards for tandem riding with an instructor, as well as extra wide surfboards for solo riding to give additional stability making everything as easy and as fun as possible.

All lessons are one to one with an instructor, to keep it really safe in the water. We also have buoyancy aids available if needed.


These sessions are just £45 per person for 1.5 hours with all equipment provided.

To book a private surf session fill in the form bellow or if you would like to discuss anything

please give us a call.





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"You were amazing with the children and all achieved far more than any of us could have imagined. They were all exhausted on the journey home, including the helpers!! I am sure that when the word gets around about how fab it went, we will have lots of other children wanting to take up this wonderful opportunity next year! One parent rang me to say her son had been having a terrible time, constantly having ticks etc but since returning on Sunday was a different lad- that really does make it so worth while".

"One of the group said how much he enjoyed it all.  His support worker commented, ‘I don’t know what you did down there but you have changed.’   I believe that he has found an inner strength he never thought he had and that he can do whatever he sets his mind on – with the right support".

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