Intermediate and Advanced Lessons

If you are starting to paddle out back, catching unbroken waves and riding along the wave face, bottom turning, top turning or starting to learn how to cut back then INTERMEDIATE AND ADVANCED CLASSES are for you.

We can guide you ‘out back’, show you where to sit once you’re there, teach you how to use rips, duck dive, turtle roll and select waves correctly. We can also work on specific manoeuvres; bottom turns, top turns, cutbacks, floaters or re-entries – especially in 1 to 1 lessons.

This is what you can expect from Intermediate and Advanced lessons.

Intermediate and Advanced Lessons

1. MEETING: We’ll meet you down in Summerleaze beach car park, where we have our mobile surf school unit.

2. HEALTH AND SAFETY CHECK: We’ll check the Health & Safety form you have filled out and talk about what areas of your surfing you’d like to work on.

3. KITTING OUT: You’ll be kitted out with a wetsuit and accessories, (if you don’t have your own), surfboard, (you may use your own board or one of our custom boards although this must be arranged in advance), and high visibility identity vest. CHANGING: Personal belongings can be left in our secure mobile unit.

4. WARM UP: We’ll then walk down on to the sand where you’ll be taken through a gentle warm up and surf safety information.

5. DRY LAND COACHING: We’ll then move on to a dry sand coaching session with explanations, demonstrations and student practice guided by our coaches.  Exactly what we teach you will depend on what you hope to get out of the lesson and whether or not you want to work on specific manoeuvres. On some sessions we may get you in the water first to get an exact idea of your ability.

6. WHAT YOU’LL LEARN: There are so many areas we can cover with intermediate & advanced surfers. These include specific manoeuvres like bottom turns, top turns, cutbacks, floaters or re-entries. We can also offer advice on any part of your surfing – from surf fitness to nutrition and mental fitness and fine tune your manoeuvres.

7. FINAL TIPS: Towards the end of the session we’ll leave the water for a debrief where we can discuss next steps and things to practice. Then it’s time to change into your dry clothes and head off for a coffee or a beer!

All intermediate and advanced coaching sessions are run by one of our senior coaches.


Custom made shortboards, mini-mals and longboards are always available but please talk to us first so we can make sure you have the right board for you. However, for your safety and that of those around you, we will only offer the use of a ‘hard board’ when we feel confident a student has sufficient expertise to use it safely.

Got the bug? Great. Now it’s time to think about buying your own board. We are always stoked to be able to offer advice on what to buy, where to buy from and pass on our discounts from local suppliers.

Call us to book your lesson today! 

01288 331764

Lessons 7 days a week: Monday-Saturday  9:30 and 13:30 Sundays  13:30

All our lessons run from

Summerleaze Beach Carpark,

Bude, EX238HN


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