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about us

Big Blue surf school is based in Bude, North Cornwall and has been teaching people to surf for over 20 years. ​ If you are looking to learn or improve your surfing or for a great family day out, then Bude is the place to go. 

 Learn to surf

We teach a whole range of abilities from complete beginner to advanced. Our coaches are trained to adapt easily during the lessons and teach varying techniques to help you achieve your goals.





If you prefer to have a more focused lesson be it either a 1:1 experience, just with family and friends or even for a group event we can cater for you. 

Autism and disability surfing

Everyone should be able to surf and here at Big Blue we try to make that happen. We have years of experience introducing and assisting people with varying needs into the world of surfing.


Contact us:

01288 331764

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