Beginner Surf Lessons

If you have never surfed before, can catch waves lying down but can’t stand, can stand for a few seconds, have had lessons before but want a refresher, then a BEGINNER’S CLASS will be right for you.

This is what you can expect:

Beginner Surf Lesson

1. MEETING: We’ll meet you down in Summerleaze beach car park, where we have our mobile surf school unit.

2. HEALTH AND SAFETY CHECK: We’ll check the Health & Safety form you have filled out and advise you appropriately.

3. KITTING OUT: We’ll kit you out with a board, a warm well fitting wetsuit and accessories (hat, boots and gloves if necessary) and a high visibility identity vest.

4. CHANGING: Personal belongings can be left in our secure mobile unit.

5. WARM UP: We’ll then walk down on to the sand where you’ll be taken through a gentle warm up and surf safety information.

6. DRY LAND COACHING: This vital part of the lesson aims to give you all the basic information such as how to catch waves and how to carry your board safely.

7. WATER COACHING:  We’ll demonstrate all we have shown you on dry land in the surf, then re-cap safety issues and get you in the water. We will carry on coaching until you are riding waves to the beach.

8. STANDING: Once you’ve got the hang of catching waves lying down (normally around 20mins in the water) we’ll head back on to the beach to teach you how to stand up.  We aim to get you standing for a short amount of time on your first session (on average about 80% of people will stand during their first lesson with us).  We’ll teach you how to stop, dismount and fall off safely, give you an in water demo, recap over safety and get back in the surf for another hour or so.

9. SUPERVISING AND REFINING: While you’re in the water your coaches will help you constantly, giving you tips advice and lots of encouragement.

10. FINAL TIPS: Towards the end of the session we’ll leave the water for a debrief where we can discuss next steps and things to practice. Then it’s time to change into your dry clothes and head off for a coffee or a beer!


• All equipment is provided free of charge, as part of your lesson. This includes a top quality, full length C-Skins wetsuit, hat, boots, gloves (depending on the time of year) and a soft foam surfboard (improver boards and custom boards are also available upon prearranged request).

• We offer beginners a wide a range of ‘soft foam’ surfboards that are especially designed for novice surfers. These boards are buoyant, stable and easy to catch waves on.

• We have boards of various lengths to make sure we find you the perfect vehicle on which to learn to surf.

If you would like more info or for group bookings, please call the office on 01288331764

Call us to book your lesson today! 

01288 331764

Lessons 7 days a week: Monday-Saturday  9:30 and 13:30 Sundays  13:30

All our lessons run from

Summerleaze Beach Carpark,

Bude, EX238HN


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